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Edward “Eddie” Hicks has been active in the manufactured housing industry since 1963. He is not only a Licensed Real-Estate Broker but also a Licensed Mortgage Broker. These combined backgrounds have contributed to his great success as a buyer's agent for investors seeking Manufactured Home Community properties. Mr. Hicks was a member of the Development Council of the Manufactured Housing Institute. Don't miss his popular "ASK EDDIE" contributions to the industry publication "The Journal of Manufactured Housing".

Why am I having such a hard time finding a suitable mhp investment?

Why am I having such a hard time finding a suitable investment grade m/h land lease community?  Don C., Midland, TX


There are many more buyers than sellers of m/h land lease (M/HLL) communities right now, and it probably isn’t going to improve in the near future, so you can expect a lot of competition.  It’s no secret anymore that investing in M/HLL communities, at the right price and good financing, can be one of the most lucrative and safe of all the real estate investment opportunities.  With so many buyers and so few communities for sale Continue reading